X-Win32 Manually Activate a License

Users on closed networks or behind proxies may have issues activating their licenses.  Users can manually activate a license by following these steps:


  1. X-Win32 License (Activation Code)
  2. Microsoft Windows System Host ID(s) where X-Win32 is being registered (Find the Host ID)


  1. Go to a machine that has internet access
  2. Open a browser, and go to https://license.starnet.com/activate
  3. Enter your X-Win32 License (Activation Key). Hit “Next”.
  4. Enter your Host ID(s) (If multiple hostids, separate each hostid with a space). Hit “Next”
  5. Download the license file (activate.lic)
  6. Transfer the license file to the machine you want to register
  7. In the X-Win32 activation Dialog, Choose License File, and find the license file you transferred

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