Migrating from LIVE to FastX

The LIVE protocol and the FastX Protocol are incompatible. Existing users may with to migrate their old LIVE Connections to the newer FastX Connections

Converting Connections

Users who are familiar with XML parsers can write their own utilities to convert the connections.

The FastX Connections are stored in .xw32 files in %APPDATA%\StarNet Communications\FastX\Connections.
The file name is the Uid of the Connection.

The format is as follows. Changing the ordering of the format may result in the connection not appearing in the FastX window.
Uid, Name, Host, and Port are required.


Below are the conversions from LIVE to FastX

Uuid (value attribute) Uid
Name (element) Name
Host (element) Host
Port (element) Port (port is required in FastX. If it is missing supply 22 as the element’s text)
Login (element) User (optional)
RSI (element) Sci (CAUTION: this may cause your FastX session to fail. the launcher script in LIVE is rxlaunch6 sci, in FastX it is fastx_sci)
FIPSMode Fips (optional)