Network configuration for Gateway or Cluster configuration.

This file obsoletes gateway-server.json and session-server.json

JSON object containing the following parameters


JSON object whose parameters are the list of valid keys that this system will accept.
The value of each key is a JSON object with the following parameters

allowIncommingConnections (optional)

(bool) Allow servers to connect to this system (puts this server in Gateway Server Mode)

urls (optional)

Array of Url objects.  Each Url object contains the following


Url of the web server that this server will broadcast to (puts this server in Session Server Mode)



Enable Load Balancing. Current load balancing options supported

  • sessions — load balance based on the lowest number of sessions
  • random — choose a random machine to connect to
  • local — connect directly to the gateway server.

local is used when operating in cluster configuration and you are using an outside load balancing method (such as Round Robin DNS) to choose the proper connection


Reject requests to session servers that fail the SSL authentication check (example self-signed certificates, certificate chain failures) default true