Server Side LIVE Session Hosting

Host Based LIVE Sessions

LIVE Sessions are templates stored on the remote Unix/Linux system which contain
the default information to Launch a LIVE Session Instance. Since sessions are stored on the Server side, users can reconnect from any client computer to a running instance.

The LIVE Session Browser

After connecting to a server via LIVE, the session Browser appears. Users can create, edit, or remove LIVE sessions. New Instances of LIVE Sessions can be launched. Running Instances can be resumed, suspended, or terminated, and users can connect to Multi-User Instances to collaborate. The LIVE Browser interface is shown below



The top window shows all the currently running instances of a LIVE Session. The status column shows the current status of each instance. Running sessions are currently connected. Suspended sessions are currently disconnected and processing in the background. Working sessions are in the intermediate state of running and suspended. Multiple instances of each session are allowed and defined by their start time. If there are currently no running instances, this window will appear blank.

Double click on an instance to connect.