Testing your FastX Installation

FastX has multiple components that run concurrently.  Occasionally, one of these components may not be working correctly.  It is important to find out which component is failing.

Web Server

FastX ships with the NodeJS web server.  Test that the web server can run

/usr/lib/fastx/3/nodejs/bin/node -v


FastX ships with the CouchDB database.  Test that the database is running correctly

COUCHDB_ARGS_FILE=/usr/lib/fastx/var/local/db/vm.args LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/fastx/3/couchdb/lib64/ /usr/lib/fastx/3/couchdb/bin/couchdb

The couchdb log file is located in /usr/lib/fastx/var/local/db/couchdb.log

License Server

FastX ships with an rlm license server.  Test the license server by running

/usr/lib/fastx/3/rlm/rlm -c /usr/lib/fastx/var/license