Upgrading from FastX1

FastX2 introduces some new features that are incompatible with FastX1.  This article attempts to resolve questions related to upgrading between versions

Can the FastX2 Server be Installed Concurrently With the FastX1 Server?

Yes!  FastX Server 1 and FastX Server 2 can be installed side by side

Can the FastX2 Client be Installed Concurrently With the FastX1 Client?

Yes!  FastX Client 1 and FastX Client 2 can be installed side by side

Can I Migrate Running FastX1 Server Sessions to FastX2?

No.  FastX1 runs a different protocol than FastX2.  You should terminate your FastX1 Sessions when possible and relaunch them using FastX2.

What will happen to my FastX1 licenses?

 If you are under maintenance, you are eligible for new licenses for 2.0. Contact StarNet Sales to receive them.

Is Client 1 forwards compatible with Server 2?

Yes.  System administrators who have installed the new FastX Server do not need to worry about their users immediately upgrading to the new client.  When installing the Web Service on the server, enable FastX1 Compatibility.

Is Client 2 backwards compatible with Server 1?

No.  FastX2 introduces  a web client as well as a server side licensing model.  As such, the new Client 2 is incompatible with Server 1.  However, in FastX2, both the client and server are shipped as one package.  An end user cannot gain access to the client without someone having first downloaded the server.

I Started a New Session with the Browser Client.  FastX 1 Doesn’t Show it.

Don’t panic.  Your sessions are still safe and running on the remote server.  The FastX2 Server stores session information in a different format than FastX1.  Change the Sci field in your FastX1 connection to say fastx1_sci  This will tell the FastX2 Server that you are running the FastX1 Client and the server will list your FastX2 sessions.  The Best solution is to simply download the FastX2 Client and have both clients installed during the transition.

How has Licensing Changed?

Because of the new web client interface, we can no longer license on the client side.  FastX2 introduces server side licensing.  Server side licenses have the advantage of simplifying the ability to connect from anywhere.  You can use your browser client in the conference room and reconnect using your desktop client when you are back at your office.  You no longer need to worry about users burning licenses or losing their license key.