FastX 4 Preview Cluster Installation



  1. Go to and enter your Advanced FastX License Key
  2. Follow the Installation Setup Script instructions. Download and run the installation setup script ( on all the FastX cluster nodes.
  3. From the “FastX Advanced” download and run the advanced setup script ( on the FastX cluster nodes and the cluster manager server.┬áThis script will prompt for the activation key you used for downloading.
  4. On the FastX cluster nodes, install the fastx4-advanced package (which will install the fastx4-server package as a dependency) after the scripts have successfully created the StarNet Preview repository and the StarNet Advanced repository.
  5. On the cluster manager server, run the advanced setup script as in step 3.
  6. On the cluster manager server, install the fastx4-nats package.
  7. The installation of the fastx4-nats package will create the file /etc/fastx/transporter-secret.ini. Copy that file to the /etc/fastx directory on each of the FastX cluster nodes. Make sure the file is not world-readable because it has the cluster secret key. It needs to be owned by the fastx user.
  8. After the transporter-secret.ini file is in place on the FastX cluster nodes, restart the fastx4 service on each node. Each node should then connect to the cluster. Any errors at this point should be reported.


  1. The FastX cluster manager is a NATS server. Unlike the FastX 3 cluster manager, it just the NATS server without any scripts. All cluster management functions other than the low-level messaging provided by NATS is done by the FastX servers themselves.
  2. A reliable connection to the NATS server is required for the operation of the FastX server. Because of this, the NATS server is a single point of failure for the entire cluster. To provide high availability, the NATS servers themselves can be clustered.
  3. The NATS server and the FastX server may be installed on the same system.