FastX 3 and FastX 4 installed on same server

Note: This occurs if the regular packages for FastX 3 and FastX 4 are installed in the default locations on the same server.

FastX 4 is the default connection

If both FastX 3 and FastX 4 are installed on the same server, by default, an SSH connection will connect to FastX 4.

To connect to FastX 3, edit the SSH connection, switch to the “Advanced” tab, and then change the “Run” box from “exec fastx-protocol” to “exec /usr/lib/fastx/3/scripts/fastx-protocol”.

Change the default connection

To change the default version between FastX 3 and FastX 4 for all users, run the following command on the server:

sudo update-alternatives --config fastx-protocol

Select one of the options to switch between …/fastx/3/scripts/… and …/fastx/4/scripts/…

This will change only the default version for SSH connections. It will not affect users who have configured the connection in the “Advanced” tab as described above.

If the active version is uninstalled, the alternatives system will automatically switch back to the remaining version.