FastX System Debugging

This section is accessible by logging into FastX as an administrator through a web browser.  Select the Admin icon after login.

Print Debug statements to the server log.  Debugging prints out a lot of information so it is best to disable them once finished debugging.

  • API
    • Api Requests – Logs Api requests
    • Api Process – Results from the api request
  • Websocket
    • WebSocket Connections – Logs websockets connections
    • WebSocket Messages – Logs messages between the web browser and destination
  • Cluster
    • Cluster Communication – Logs communication between cluster nodes
    • Cluster External Connections – Logs communications for external nodes
    • Cluster Database – Logs database communication between cluster members
  • Link
    • Link Authentication – Logs authentication phase of link connections
    • Link Messages – Logs communications between link or session process and the web server
    • Link Netstring – Logs low level communication between link or session process and the web server
  • Misc
    • Web Requests – Logs all requests to the server
    • Log – Log general non essential messages
    • Errors – Log general non essential errors
    • OpenID Connect – Logs OpenID Connect communication
    • SSH – Logs SSH Verbose Connection information
    • SAML – SAML SSO Authentication