FastX 3.3 Server Release Notes

Release Channel: 3.3.29

Early Access Channel: 3.3.29

* denotes Release Channel Release

March 21, 2023


  • Case 92239: Fix typos in Although this script is no longer required, some customers continue to run it, and this fixes some errors.
  • Case 92350: FastX clients are no longer included in the server package, greatly reducing its download size. The clients are now in a separate package named “fastx-clients”. If the clients are not installed on the server, then the FastX web server will offer the client download directly from

February 23, 2023

Cluster Manager

  • Case 92294: Gzip themes.


  • Case 92297: Fix black boxes rendering
  • Add debug for screenshots
  • Case 92301: Cleaned up private key manager.
  • Case 92308: Make VirtualGL log message more understandable
  • Case 92027: Clean up connection to server
  • Remove console.log and move them into debug messages
  • Case 92303: Fixed license server submit form.
  • Fixed auth routing
  • Fix default themes
  • Fixed exception when token missing.
  • Case 92304: Add disable option to user-profiles.
  • Case 92284: add job scheduler default scripts.
  • Case 92228: Changed redirects on logout
  • Case 92294: Set default max_payload to 8MB.
  • Case 92294: Gzip themes.
  • Case 92293: fix zorder of bookmark filter.
  • Case 92291: missing quote in script

February 14, 2023


  • Case 92211: Eliminate the need to run the “” script after installing FastX. Instead, scriplets in the package will create the “fastx” user & necessary directories, configure & start the server, initialize Applications, and start the license server (if necessary). Installation behavior can be controlled with environment variables.
  • Case 92168: Text drawing optimizations using the compose operation behind flag.
  • Case 92261: Show all bookmarks on first FastX browser connection.
  • Case 92285: Sort bookmarks by name.
  • Case 92228: Add browser caching for faster page loads.
  • Case 92250: On license error (in the browser) show a link to activate a new license
  • Case 53893: When a license is activated, send a “reread” signal to the license server.
  • Cases 92023, 92257, 92258, 92259: To avoid an additional authorization prompt when starting a session on a cluster member, a connection is made using the “AuthorizedKeysCommand” facility of SSH.
  • Cases 92206, 92227: Example of a “scheduler” script is now copied to /etc/fastx/job-scheduler.d/ named “proxy”. This script, when configured as a job scheduler script, can be used to configure a FastX Session Server as a “proxy”, in which ssh is used to launch the application on a separate application server.
  • Renamed load balancing script “Most Available Memory” from “Most Free Memory” to avoid confusion.
  • Case 92248: Only allow superadmin if authmethod  === ssh
  • Case 92238: Added openapi version of docs
  • Case 92242: Add simple authentication
  • Case 92275: Close and delete session sockets. Fixes error where session count never went down in server data.
  • Case 92228: Support redirects with tailing /.
  • Case 92282: Added session start debugging.
  • Case 92281: Fixed private key hanging on authenticated start.

Cluster Manager

  • Fixed load balancing for custom scripts

January 27, 2023


  • Client 3.3.18 included
  • Case 92195: Show an error if an attempt is made to connect to a session with the desktop client when the desktop client is not installed.
  • Case 92237: Allow a job schedule script to immediately launch a session
  • Case 92096: Sanity check in connect API to make sure xorg is still running
  • Fixes for new “compose” optimization
  • Case 92217: Save complete session command (after VGL and prefix modifications) in the session info
  • Case 92223, 92224, 92228: Optimize browser client load times by using browser cache
  • Case 92221: Make clipboard mode names more user-friendly.
  • Case 92222: Cluster: Filter sessions by removing potentially dead cluster members from list
  • Case 92190: Delete sockets that are closed prematurely, solving the problem of running out of file descriptors
  • Case 92213: A “ps” command now shows “fastx3” as the process name of the web server.
  • Case 92212: Use same “settings” icon for browser and desktop client
  • Case 92196: Ability to test FastX email settings
  • Case 92194: Use the password field in the login screen for custom password prompts
  • Case 92193: When FastX server is starting, refresh the “status” page until it comes up.

January 13, 2023


  • Case 91997: The NATS server is included, to be used in advanced (mostly gateway) installations.
  • Case 92180: Fix double popup on the Safari browser
  • Case 92179: Remove auto-connect from preferences.
  • Add a “link.log” file to help diagnose certain issues
  • Case 92181: Fix for Windows Desktop Client connections from browser client
  • Case 92178: Make performance sliders update correctly
  • Case 92167: Add “experimental” flag to browser client
  • Case 92174, 92168: New “compose” capability
  • Case 92156: Fix order of blocks in browser client
  • Case 92116: Fix params-form/list error

December 21, 2022


  • Text optimizations added
  • Case 92146: Performance settings initialized to default values when server is installed
  • Case 92144: Help links changed
  • Case 92108: Removed shortcut code (since the new UI doesn’t need it).
  • Case 92149: Removed “RFX” and “RFX Progressive”.
  • Case 92132: If connecting from a Linux browser, don’t give the desktop client connection option, because the Linux client isn’t built yet.
  • Case 92130: To prevent the double-launch of a session, disable the “submit” button when it is pushed.
  • Case 92129: Fix the override forms UI.
  • Case 92098: Fix a client crash that could happen when a session was terminated after an SSH session list view was closed.
  • Case 92115: Fix a crash on terminate in an HTTPS connection
  • Case 92142: Allow connection to a server using a self-signed certificate using SSO (e.g. SAML).

December 7, 2022


  • Case 92093: Server can be configured for requested web security enhancements. This is done through “middleware”, in which authentication messages from the user can be filtered.
  • Case 92104: Fix lockup when using a rootless (multiple window mode) session in the browser. This problem was typically demonstrated using xterm scrolling.
  • Case 92109: Fix for session start params over an SSH connection.
  • Case 91549: Stop using the unneeded SSE listener.
  • Case 92094: Make session updates more efficient. Start serial number at 1.
  • Case 92117: Show performance settings from server when connecting with HTTPS.
  • Case 92105: Mac: Allow session forms by giving memory access to QtWebEngineProcess.

November 28, 2022


  • Case 91549: (SSH Connections only) Pass API commands through the link socket instead of making a POST for each request. Receive session update messages through the link socket instead of creating an SSE. Impacts: minor efficiency improvements; possibly more reliable updates.
  • Case 92083: Change “bookmark” to “application” in various places in the browser client
  • Case 92097: Server SSH authentication fix
  • Case 92099: Administration: Change JSON editor
  • Case 92081: Remove RFX image encoding
  • Case 92085: Change “Bookmark” to “Application”
  • Case 92042: Use default forms for non-bookmark (custom) applications
  • Case 90237: Mac: Added “About” dialog to FastX Web Connect
  • Case 91949: Mac: MWM window fixes for gnome-terminal and other applications that use certain window decorations
  • Case 92033: Fixes for “last window closed” prompt

November 15, 2022


  • Ships client 3.3.6
  • Speed up of scrolling large chunks of text
  • Case 92068: Made images more colorful
  • Case 91819: Admin notifications added
  • Case 92072: Set default theme in microservice
  • Case 92053: overwrites before sending it
  • Case 91913: Server store in memory in standalone mode
  • Case 91441, 91893: Put FastX Web Connect into Windows client
  • Case 91996: Mac: Properly handle UTF-8 encoded session names

Cluster Manager

  • Case 91819: Sdmin notifications added
  • Case 92072: Set default theme in microservice

November 8, 2022

  • Case 92041: Custom commands take form input
  • Case 92040: Fixed forms for 1 session
  • Case 92043: Changed performance settings on browser client
  • Default settings added
  • Title casing normalized
  • Case 92056: Updated css to increase size of log window
  • Case 91913: Use updated nedb. fix compaction bug
  • Case 89820: Retrieve performance settings option list from server
  • Case 89956: Update diagnostics window with moving charts
  • Case 90356, 90389, 91443: Create a FastX Web Connect URI handler for FastX browser integration

November 4, 2022

  • Server ships client 3.3.5
  • Case 91969: Fixed issue when SSH requests not returning, causing desktop client hang
  • Case 92038: Unset remember my selection

November 3, 2022

New Features

  • New GUI for the web client
    • Sessions and Applications appear on the same page
    • File Manager appears on page
    • Message of the day appears in the page
    • Notifications hidden
  • WebConnect Client
    • Connect to sessions from the web and bring them up in the desktop
  • Added Email Server for notifications
  • Email Notifications
    • Automatically send emails to the users when an event is triggered (e.g session disconnected)​​​​
  • Default Icons for Applications
    • Ship a set of default icons for an admin to choose in addition to uploading custom icons
  • Simple Mode for Load Balancing
    • Basic load balancing operations can be selected via a dropdown list
  • Server Groups
    • Put servers in groups, restricting access to only users who are also in the group
  • Application Groups
    • Publish applications only to users in the group
    • Only allow sessions to start on a system in that is in the group
  • Can Fine Tune Session Events including cron jobs
    • Trigger custom actions with an offset after a session event 
  • SSH Authentication Uses simplified load balancing (Local System, Groups)
    • Redirect users to authentication servers
  • User Profiles
    • Get Full name, email and preferences for users
  • User profile script to autofill profile
    • Automatically generate profile based on username if it is not in the system
  • Banner Notification
    • Add a popup banner (for special notifications) in addition to Message of the Day

Changes from Previous Versions

  • Bookmarks renamed to Applications
  • Admin and Manage Section merged together
  • Host field removed from www UI since it causes confusion (can still enable it in www.json)
  • Licenses moved to Local System Config
  • System Log moved to Local System Config
  • Performance moved to Sessions
  • Login Page Moved to Users
  • [Deprecated] Metrics.  Metrics will now call a user defined script that returns json to get any metrics
  • [Deprecated] Job Scheduler.  Call a job scheduler script from the local system to schedule
  • [Deprecated] Load Balance at Login
  • [Removed] LDAP 
  • [Removed] Bookmark filter, use Application groups instead
  • [Removed] Shortcuts removed from GUI