FastX 3.1 Desktop Client Release Notes

Released 12/9/2020

  • Added alpha channel support in decompressor.
  • Enable FX_DIAGNOSTICS environment variable to configure debugging output.
  • Upgrade to Qt 5.15.1.
  • Upgrade Windows compiler to MSVC 2019.
  • Case 65515: %Q will quit FastX properly (MacOS only).
  • Case 67701: When prompted for a passphrase, allow the user to skip it.
  • Fixed greyed out session menu.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Enter would launch both the selected session in the list and grid mode, even though one is hidden.
  • Implement a “notify” message from the SSH connection as a modal message box.
  • Fix double-click on Session List view.

Released 9/22/2020

  • Redesigned Client Interface
  • Web connection renamed to HTTPS
  • ClientComm Channel added

FastX 3.0 Desktop Client