FastX 3.2 Server Release Notes

March 30, 2021

Cluster Manager

  • no new changes


  • Case 70669: Add some more permissions to SELinux policy.
  • case 70826: removed old default theme
  • case 70790: force codec to RFX7 – in web client
  • case 70777: send a keepalive when a user interacts with the browser after a threshold
  • case 70776: create option to force reauth
  • case 70736: save history
  • case 70734: recreate keys if one is missing
  • case 70636, try multiple ways to find a gateway port and host to connect to

March 23, 2021

Cluster  Manager

  • Default storage service up to 8 CPU cores
  • Generating a random password made faster
  • Added a “-m” option to to force download of microservices
  • Case 70527: Cluster setup script requires node version 10 or later (If it finds only an earlier version, it will tell the user to uninstall it first)
  • Case 70564: Added the “-o” option to make work in the “offline” mode
  • Case 70193: Make work with /bin/sh (Doesn’t require non-POSIX from /bin/bash)
  • Case 70635: Publishes node-relay-tunnel to npm


  • Case 70527: Login continues after 60 seconds if the service is not found
  • Case 70536: default to local server Id if issuer is proxy
  • Case 69210: Adjustments to RFX quality settings
        – Increased quality in quality level 5 to almost loss-less
        – Increased color accuracy in quality level 4 to reduce color bleeding on edges
  • Case 69918: Avoid crashing because of improper thread synchronization with FxDiagnosticsChannel
  • Added more checks for bad user input
  • Case 69297: Added folder icon to the web interface
  • Case 70596: Fixed notification positioning
  • Case 70628: Changed config/session/profile/default to default
  • Setup: Doesn’t ask to update home directory of fastx if user doesn’t exist
  • Case 67902: Added MOTD (message of the day)
  • Case 70686: Attempts to create store dir if it doesn’t exist
  • Case 69297: File-manager moved into an iframe
  • Disable animations on request
  • Base molecular config nodeID adds the PID
  • Case 67902: Won’t create an admin.json or override.json
        – Stores admin groups directly in local/store directory
        – Won’t ask for admin groups if in cluster mode.
  • Case 70526: Tested encoding performances of the encoders with different quality levels

March 15, 2021

  • New modular Clustering Architecture implemented
  • Service Based Architecture implemented
  • CouchDB replaced with more efficient database
  • Notifications added
  • Proxy Authentication added
  • File Manager added for uploading and downloading to fastx host
  • New Fine Grained Permissions implemented
  • Improved performance in single window mode