FastX 3.1 Server Release Notes

Released 9/22/2020

  • ClientComm Channel implemented
  • Permissions implemented
  • Groups Implemented
  • Admins are defined in groups
  • Redesigned Cluster Communication avoiding database
  • Reduce database storage by 90%
  • Improve CPU usage since the database is used less
  • New Big Block rendering protocol
  • Better support on 4K screens
  • Multiple codecs added for better tuning of Bandwidth
  • Redesigned 3.1 Desktop Client
  • Consolidated server lists
  • Dark Mode support on Macs
  • Brings the desktop client Features on par with browser
  • User Logins are now whitelisted rather than blacklisted
  • Allows admins to manage login tokens
  • Server Reservations
  • Once a user logs in, the server is removed from the list of available login servers until he logs out.
  • VirtualGL shipped with FastX
  • Can be enabled in the profile
  • User Event Scripts
  • Execute a shell script when a specific event is triggered on a session
  • Database rebuild on startup
  • Convenience to simplify cleaning up the database
  • Load balancing now is an array of scripts
  • scripts can filter out servers and pass them to the next script
  • Https options are now part of www.json
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes

FastX 3.0 Release Notes