FastX 3.1 Server Release Notes


  • Case 69713: Ag-grid incompatibility fixed.


  • Case 69304: Web client: Profile is passed from a bookmark to a new session.
  • Case 69310: A session profile option has been added to force VirtualGL, even if a GPU can’t be detected.
  • Case 69310: Added more logging to the VirtualGL detection routines, for diagnostic purposes.
  • Case 69285: Fix for custom CSS (styles) in the web interface.
  • Allow the license file to have “fastx” as the product name (as well as “fastx2”).
  • Small fix for SELinux.
  • Case 69475: Avoid an “All licenses in use” error when a user connects to a running session.
  • Exports file now includes everything, including user favorites.

Released 2021-01-13

  • Case 69285: fixed themes
  • Case 67943: fixed possible handlebars security error
  • Case 67943: fixed oidc
  • VirtualGLOptions are now passed from profile to vglrun
  • SELinux fix to allow built-in VirtualGL to configure the system
  • Case 69212: autodetect sets max quality to 4
  • Case 69208: Load Qt plugins to enable JPEG compression
  • Stop statistics and agemap debug messages

Released 12/11/2020

  • case 69023 themes are now created and saved on the system itself.
  •  case 69139 log getent passwd errors and use the old username
  • periodically delete conflicts from the database
  •  69202: add logins to exports

Released 12/9/2020

  • case 69118 Verify the server is down before deleting sessions
  • case 69148 update valid on sending message

Released 12/1/2020

  • case 69099: add fastx/username as claim to authtoken

Released 11/28/2020

  • case 68980: Allow the start “login” parameter to be passed as “–login=joe” to the start script
  • case 67902: If permissions not set default user has full permissions
  •  Case 69004: Exit with 0 status if error is returned via stdout JSON.
  • case 67734: fixed server filtering choosing login authentication
  • case 69011 allow user to specify bind host

Released 11/20/2020

  • case 67919: add a warning if your urls resolve to localhost
  •  case 67863 67941 improved UI for SSH authentication
  • case 67943 65781 fix extra errors in logs
  • case 67914 check if token exists before deleting
  • case 67734: fixed server filtering choosing login authentication

Released 11/17/2020

  • case 65781: fixed issue which would cause constant hits to the database
  • lower beam.smp CPU usage
  • case 67454: fixed sudo error
  •  If www.json exists with valid JSON, but the web server can’t be contacted, send a “notify” method to the client.
  • upgraded angular libraries
  • case 67911: rolled back terminal packages since this is optional and rarely used
  • Send number of processed frame in diagnostics channel
  • warning fixes
  •  Prioritize quality updates, fixed limit per frame
  • case 67944: fixed regression in clustering
  • case 67941:  return everything from SSH keyboard interactive (just in case)

Released 11/12/2020

  • case 67832:  added serverList no auto as an option
  • case 67744: for password to empty string once used
  • case 67454: fixed missing browser error
  •  fixed missing groups error when no group found
  • rolled back to old version of apache nano since version 9 changed their methods.  case 67845
  • case 67876: fixed missing forms
  •  if terminal is broken, ignore it

Released 10/29/2020

  •  Case 59328 added alpha channel to rendering engine
  •  Case 67569: Keep prompting for admin until user enters a valid group.
  • Case 67402: Install suggestions script improvements and fixes
  • clean up annoying link not found error message
  • Gateways use new bridging mechanism
  •  if the gateway IS NOT external — just forward the ws connection.
    if the gateway IS external — create an on demand bridge with an id and use the bridgeId.
  • forceIndirect (route all connections through the gateway) now works on the gateway because it intuitively makes more sense there
  •  Case 67053, 65452, 65630: Ship and install a SELinux policy.
  •  Case 67053: the link script was keeping STDERR open when it put itself in the background.
  • case 64258:  updated to angular 10
  • fix error when setting icon param
  • case 67691: updated default form chooser template
  • added debugging for tcp forwarding
  • fixed issue where clients not disconnecting properly
  • Install script more reliably installs screenshot support on CentOS 8.

Released 10/19/2020

  • Case 67550: I is passed the “-q” and “-admin-group” arguments, it will put this admin group in the override.json file.
  • Improved firefox extension
  • added extra debugging

Released 10/14/2020

  •  fixed default forms
  • update userselection load balancing template
  • case 67386: get rid of bottom bar for more space
  •  return correct serverId if there is only one list of servers
  • moved templates up so its easier to find
  •  improve about dialog
  • updated /^fx-/ for clientcomm
  • Case 65448: xorg.conf file allows ClientComm types to be enabled one by one or by a regular expression.
  • Case 67426: Fix quote escape. (Oops)
  • pretty print json, and remove some errors, case 67427, case 67402,
  • case 67430: attempt fix of Norwegian keyboard
  • case 67402 redid importing info into the database on startup
  • checksum stored in the local database
  • checksum matches the valid json of the override.json
  • now ignore: profile, suggestions, admin
  • only get data from override.json
  • Put admins and suggestions into override.json file.
  •  Case 67239 Increase network delay threshold for cleanup
  • case 67456 fixed issue with servers getting delted when editing database cluster connections
  • case 67459 disable if cookies not enabled
  • case 67458: disable extra codecs on old firefox
  • remove debug
  • added firefox clipboard extension

Released 9/30/2020

  • Case 61979: The “clipboardMax” profile option limits the number of bytes copied out in a paste operation.
  • case 67256: add more connection data to the database:
  •  case 67243: allow ldap shortname
  • case 67294: fixed typo
  •  case 67271: use id to get groups to support groups with spaces in them
  • Case 67317: Don’t print anything on success if reset-admin is called with groups on the command line.
  •   case 67358: updated select server template, case 67354: update form filter template
  • case 67256: update gateway
  •  case 67383: fixed saving default bookmark creates a new bookmark
  •   Case 67384: fixed serverids
  • case 67382: fixed forms

Released 9/28/2020

  • Enable TCP messages if available

Released 9/22/2020

  • ClientComm Channel implemented
  • Permissions implemented
  • Groups Implemented
  • Admins are defined in groups
  • Redesigned Cluster Communication avoiding database
  • Reduce database storage by 90%
  • Improve CPU usage since the database is used less
  • New Big Block rendering protocol
  • Better support on 4K screens
  • Multiple codecs added for better tuning of Bandwidth
  • Redesigned 3.1 Desktop Client
  • Consolidated server lists
  • Dark Mode support on Macs
  • Brings the desktop client Features on par with browser
  • User Logins are now whitelisted rather than blacklisted
  • Allows admins to manage login tokens
  • Server Reservations
  • Once a user logs in, the server is removed from the list of available login servers until he logs out.
  • VirtualGL shipped with FastX
  • Can be enabled in the profile
  • User Event Scripts
  • Execute a shell script when a specific event is triggered on a session
  • Database rebuild on startup
  • Convenience to simplify cleaning up the database
  • Load balancing now is an array of scripts
  • scripts can filter out servers and pass them to the next script
  • Https options are now part of www.json
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes

FastX 3.0 Release Notes