X-Win32: X-Config – Security


The Security tab contains options which specify which connections are allowed to be displayed on the X Server



Allow by Xauth Cookie

Xauth Cookie authorization is based on MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 (also known as magic cookie method),  in which the UNIX program Xauth views and transfers cookies.

The X-server obtains the cookie, which is a 16-byte random number. When the X-application connects, it sends the cookie. If the 16 bytes sent by the application are the same as the bytes in the X-server, the client is authorized.

Xauth File

The Xauth cookie is a file named Xauthority  that is  stored in your home directory.

This file is a password for the X-Win  display – do not assign that file  group or world read or write permissions. The correct permissions for this file are read and write, only for the local user (you).


Allow By Address

Allows remote clients to connect based on the host name or IP address.

Allow all host addresses

All remote clients requests will automatically be accepted


Only allow these host addresses

Add hosts to the allowed host list.  Only hosts on the list will be authorized to connect.


Prompt for connections not allowed by other

When a client is not authorized via Xauth, Address, or SSH with X11 forwarding, a request will occur with each connection attempt – allow or deny that connection.