Adding a Font Folder

X-Win32 ships with over 8000 fonts and aliases. Most fonts that a user needs are installed by default. However, occasionally proprietary application specific fonts are required to have an application display correctly. These fonts are typically installed with the application, and X-Win32 will need to reference them


  • Fonts are in bdf or pcf format (or compressed bdf, pcf)
  • Fonts are all contained in 1 directory


  1. Locate the fonts you need to install on your linux system
  2. Make sure there is a fonts.dir file in the directory
    • if fonts.dir does not exist, cd to the directory and then run the command mkfontdir
    • This will create the fonts.dir
  3. Transfer the directory to your Windows system
  4. Open X-Config
  5. Click on the Fonts tab
  6. Click Add Folder
  7. Browse for the folder and add the folder
  8. Click OK on X-Config and Restart X-Win32

From a linux system type the command xlsfonts to check that the new fonts were installed