How to Speed up Java Performance

Java based applications have traditionally been slow over the internet. This is a result of several reasons, including java’s virtual machine and its rendering capablities.

There are several options available to try to speed up java based applications.

Edit the remote host’s java properties.

Slow performance is a known issue when remotely connecting to Java applications using any X Server, not just X-Win32. Graphics performance problems are documented in the Graphics performance whitepaper

The specific section for Remote X displays can be found at

Sun Microsystems has several unsupported properties which it uses to speed up performance.

Use LIVE sessions

LIVE sessions make extensive use of compression technology and caching thus speeding up the performance of image.

Disable Encrypt All Traffic in LIVE Sessions

LIVE sessions use ssh to connect, thus encrypting the password. However, starting in 9.5 ssh Tunnelling is turned off. This maximizes performance as none of the X traffic needs to be decrypted. If users run under a VPN, the VPN itself will encrypt the traffic over the Internet