Database Cleanup

FastX uses an append-only database to keep configuration and data in sync between sessions and clusters.  Over time, the database can grow to a level that is large and needs to be cleaned up.  In a clustered environment, the database grows even faster due to the communication of multiple servers. Database cleanup should be part of your scheduled server maintenance and run periodically

Cleaning the Database

  1. Shut down the fastx service:  service fastx3 stop
  2. Run: /usr/lib/fastx/3/tools/clean-db
  3. Restart the service: service fastx3 start

The database will be recreated.  When the FastX Web Server goes down, running sessions will periodically attempt to contact the web server. Once the web server is back up, the sessions will write themselves into the database. It may take upwards of 10 minutes to restore the database.