FastX 3.0 Release Notes

Build 49
June 17, 2020

  •    verify there is a data object before filtering out passwords

Build 47
April 27, 2020

  • Moved HTTPS configuration to the www.json file
  • Case 63215: change uri prefix for shortcuts
  • Try to log the reason the connection closed
  • Case 62848: avoid high quality updates if network delay is high
  • Case 63247: turn key repeats off after GNOME turns them on.
  • Show error if password fails
  • Improved logging capabilities
  • Case 63245: If install/activate is run by itself, before the var/license directory is created, make sure the umask allows users to read the var, and thus the var/config directory.
  • Fixed one time passwords
  • Disable admin terminal in RHEL6
  • Performance and speed improvements

Build 44
April 9, 2020

  • 63194: fixed issue where menus would not trigger

Build 43
April 7, 2020

  • 63160: Various Security Fixes
  • 62675: Fixed muted text colors

Build 42
March 10, 2020

  • Set default umask on install
  • Do not fail if sudo user disabled
  • Close SSH connection after daemon has been executed
  • Better support for kerberos tickets
  • Fixed failure if profile data in database is corrupt
  • Fixed color smearing of optimized renderer
  • Update geometry when new monitor added/removed
  • Fixed crash in multiple window mode
  • Minimum screen size is 320×240

Build 41
February 18, 2020

  • Fixed Crash on disconnecting sessions
  • Fixed remnant images staying
  • Fixed bug in History Bookmarks not appearing
  • Fixed umask when creating bookmarks
  • Try launching link via SSH if sudo fails
  • Performance improvements
  • Various UI Improvements

Build 40
January 20, 2020

  • Big Block encoding support added
  • Fix rules for Japanese keyboards
  • Fix issues for disabling logins on gateway cluster members
  • Fixed issues when http proxy set
  • improved manual start of web server
  • Fixed issues with ssh logins
  • Added SLES 12 support
  • Improved Debugging
  • Fixed issues for Running fastx services in nondefault locations
  • Added session purging
  • Better handling of deleted sessions
  • Fixed Autodetect in profile being mismapped
  • Improved syncing of database when new cluster members come online
  • Improved error and state reporting
  • Xorg will not connect to ACPI

Build 39
December 5, 2019

  • Performance fixes for long running sessions
  • Added extra keyboard layouts
  • Updated OpenSSL
  • Added database purge tool
  • Add ability to specify alternate nodejs build
  • Improved Job scheduling templates
  • Fixed Mouse Wheel in Browser Client
  • Added Geometry parameter in session data
  • Improved debugging logs
  • Added key repeats in Browser Client

Build 38
November 18, 2019

  • Better browser support for retina displays
  • Added Smart Scaling
  • Fixed tagline not showing up on the browser client
  • Improved Debug logging
  • Close links when not in use
  • Update bookmarks to use vglrun -c
  • Upgraded SSH module. Banners now supported
  • Updated perl libraries
  • Added session data to event object
  • Fixed sessions not appearing when web server is not on the default port
  • Custom Forms can contain unsafe HTML
  • Use system fonts if available
  • Improved Shortcuts
  • Autoconnect Implemented
  • Export themes
  • Various UI improvements

Build 37
October 25, 2019

  • Added performance optimizations speeding up server side rendering
  • Terminal Emulator added to tools for admins
  • When load balancing, send the original user data in the input object
  • Fixed default profile not loading
  • Fixed issue with client connecting on start
  • Filter out extra urls when connecting locally
  • Set correct file permissions when installing license
  • Fixed crash when running in ssh fallback mode
  • Send fewer idle frames when data has not changed
  • Added debug options
  • Fixed infinite redirect loop in browser
  • Improved error reporting on failed connections
  • Fixed scheduling script error
  • Scheduling scripts can output HTML
  • Link script works properly when port is changed while it is running
  • Fixed ability for custom params to get sent on start

Build 36
September 27, 2019

  • Custom Start Forms Implemented
  • FastX CLI implemented
  • User can choose login server on SSH logins
  • Node options can be passed to the web server
  • Added diag and cleanup tools
  • Fixed memory leak when forwarding connections in clustered mode
  • Fixed welome page breaking safari / older firefox browsers
  • Users can purge remote sessions
  • Fixed error in showing shortcuts
  • Fixed error when a token has expired
  • Added new API config calls
  • Migrate profiles from version 2
  • session.json is read when the FastX Web Server is down
  • Renew the user’s link process once per day
  • Removed extraneous debug message
  • Renew cluster server token

Build 32
September 4, 2019

  • Set the default umask to 077 for couch database files
  • Fix error on RHEL6 machines
  • Removed error messages regarding fonts

Build 31
September 3, 2019

  • Windows are repositioned if they start off screen on resume
  • SSH agent forwarding fixed
  • ListenTCP is on by default
  • Removed extraneous logging bloating log files
  • Fixed installation on systems where user fastx does not already exist
  • Fixed issue when terminating sessions causing a monitor process to hang
  • Added client verify function for clustering
  • Added purge option to remove session from the database (does not terminate session)
  • Fixed bridging issues making them more efficient on connection
  • Reduced the number of sockets used and closes sockets connected to the web server.
  • Reuse link process when available reducing memory consumption
  • Various stability and performance fixes

Build 30
August 22, 2019

  • Multisurface support disabled by default in Single Window Mode, enabled in Multiple Window Mode
  • Multisurface option added to profiles
  • Added ability to pass the keyboard layout to a start command.  This sets the default layout in GNOME
  • Added option to change the CPU percentage in profiles
  • Fixed issue with disable start checkbox
  • Added ability to export database configuration to override.json
  • Added database compaction
  • Use locally installed perl paths
  • FIPS Support added
  • Fixed various clustering issues
  • Job Scheduling now a function

Build 29
August 8, 2019

  • Fixed an issue when there are no servers found in the database

Build 28
August 2, 2019

  • PREMIER: Fixed a bug in premier causing to fail back to indirect SSL method if Direct SSL connection fails

Build 27
August 2, 2019

  • Fixed black screen lock up in single window mode
  • Fixed freeze in browser client in multiple window mode
  • Fixed issue where parameters not getting updated properly
  • Config paths can be set in environment variables
  • Fixed errors where sessions invalidating tokens
  • Connection password timeout increased to 60s
  • Automatically detect video Ram and cpu percentage
  • Allow FastX to run behind a proxy in a subdirectory
  • Disable direct mode if connecting to local server since it is extraneous
  • Fixed error where gateway sessions not appearing in dialog
  • Authorized keys now uses an environment variable
  • If using a clustered connection webSocketPort is removed from the api result

Build 24
July 25, 2019

  • Reduced session data consumption, and network transfers
  • Upgrade image quality until its lossless when Bandwidth monitoring turned on
  • Upgraded core libraries fixing random X app issues
  • Fixed sessions failing on FIPS enabled servers
  • Install scripts properly  populate the database during installation
  • Added an admin-reset tool
  • User can set a FASTX2 variable during installation to migrate data
  • Suggestion now runs gnome-shell if it exists
  • Port is ignored in FastX2 to 3 migration
  • Installer explicitly looks for perl modules instead of packages
  • Fixed Mac Clients unselecting clipboard data
  • Disconnect messages pop up if the error level is high enough
  • Fixed clustering error if SSL failed. Automatically reroutes to fallback method
  • Fixed exec command
  • Added exec-bg command to exec commands in the background
  • Added required field that will cause FastX to fail if the web server is not running
  • Fixed an error where logins would stall if SSL was slow
  • Fixed issue with load balancing connecting to the wrong system if nothing was specified
  • Improved error reporting
  • Improved web server shut downs
  • Fixed a bug in the theme dialog not appearing
  • System Log reports the first 1000 lines
  • Added API Event Triggers
  • Removed Command restrictions (use API triggers)
  • Fixed issue with sessions not going away if you terminate lots of sessions at the same time
  • Implemented server timeouts
  • Fixed load balancing script for fewest sessions
  • Fixed scheduling
  • General Performance, stability, UI fixes

Build 23
June 28, 2019

  • Server Now has separate RHEL6 and RHEL7 builds
  • Fixed logins when SSH login scripts are misconfigured
  • Fixed issues with migrating from version 2
  • Fixed admin/suggestions not getting added to the database
  • Added admin-reset script to reset the admin
  • Fixed theme dialog box not appearing
  • Added support for Ubuntu 19, RHEL 8,
  • Fixed issue showing logs
  • Various Performance and stability fixes

FastX 3 Released
June 19, 2020

  • Complete rewrite of the FastX product
  • Custom Protocol
  • 2X faster on LAN
  • 20% faster on WAN
  • Lower memory consumption
  • Browser based copy and paste
  • Database driven architecture for data archiving
  • More customization and integration options