FastX 3 – Active Session Manager

After Login, FastX will go to the user’s FastX homepage. By default, the homepage is the user’s active session webpage (/session/).


  • List Display
  • Browser List

    • Check Box – Check box all or individual to deleted or edited.
    • Name – Name of session.
    • Connected – Last time connected to session.
    • Uptime – Amount of time the session as been running.
    • Login – User who started the session.
    • *Each category can be sorted by clicking on the desired category.

  • Grid Display
  • Browser Grid

    • Active Session Option – Single click session or check box in list view to activate session options.Licenses
      • Licenses

        • Get Info – Displays detail information on the active session
        • Session Info

        • Set Custom Parameters – Custom parameters set for active session.
        • **To add parameter hit the add button.Add Button W Fill Name and Value, then hit Submit.
          **To delete parameter, highlight parameter, then hit the “x” buttonDelete Button, then hit Submit.

          • Name – Name of parameter.
          • Value – Parameter used.
            Session Parameter

          • View Logs
          • Session Log Option

            • server – Server logs of the active session.
            • xorg – logs for the active session.
            • Session Server Log

          • Disconnect All Clients – Disconnects all clients connected to session.
          • Terminate – Terminates highlighted or check boxed session.