FastX Browser Client Menu


Click this button to bring up the keyboard menu.  The keyboard menu is needed in certain instances

  • Not all systems (ipad/tablet etc) have full size keyboards.
  • Some Browsers intercept keyboard combination (Ctrl+Alt+Del)

For more information see Touch Interface



Click this button to bring up the clipboard dialog window

How to Copy From Server to Client

  1. Copy the text into the clipboard of the Linux host by highlighting the text and/or highlight and use the “Copy” command
  2. Click the Clipboard button. The copied text will show in the pop-up window
  3. Highlight the text and do a “CTR C” copy.  Then paste it into the Windows/Mac App

How to Paste From Client to Server

  1. Copy Text into the Windows/Mac Clipboard
  2. Click the Clipboard button
  3. Click the “Send to Remote Clip board” button
  4. Do a Paste command like middle mouse click or menu-paste


Click this button to resize the window to the current size of your screen

Speed Settings

Click this button to bring up a dialog that allows you to adjust the Frame Rate and Image Quality of the client.

  • Lower frame rate will be faster but choppier (frames render adequately between the 15 – 30 FPS range)
  • Lower Image Quality will render faster, but have more artifacts