FastX Network Configuration

The FastX Server can be configured in many different ways to take care of your ever-expanding visualization needs.

FastX Default Configuration

This the default configuration after installing FastX  It allows for direct connections from the FastX Client to the FastX Server.  No additional configuration is required.

FastX Default Installation Instructions


FastX Gateway Configuration

It is often more convenient and secure to have a gateway machine as the access point to more systems.  Machines with sensitive information do not need to be on the outside network.  You can even add a gateway with no access to the LAN for true isolation of systems.  Users get the benefit of one website to connect to.  Admins benefit from the ability to centrally manage FastX sessions.  Gateway configuration is a versatile option as your FastX installation base grows.  Gateways can also act as Load Balancers for Session Servers

FastX Gateway Installation Instructions



FastX Fault Tolerant Cluster

A variant of the FastX Gateway Configuration, the FastX server and the gateway server are the same machine.  This is an ideal situation when you have a group of identical machines that are located on a LAN (with optional VPN access).  Users and IT admins get all the benefits of the gateway configuration without the added hardware costs of the extra gateway machines.  A Cluster is a Load Balanced Configuration

FastX Cluster Installation Instructions