Configure a Jump Host in FastX Client

Here’s how to configure a jump host in the FastX client:

  1. Create a SSH connection in the client.
    1. In the “host” field, use the name of the FastX Server host.
    2. In the “user” field, use the name of the user on the FastX Server host.
    3. In the “port” field, leave default or enter the port on the FastX Server host that the SSH server is listening.
  2. Click the “Advanced” tab in the “Edit Connection” dialog.
  3. If you are using the Windows client, un-check the “Use PLink SSH program” box. (Plink is not shipped in the Mac or Linux FastX Client, and the Windows Plink cannot route through a jump host easily.)
  4. In the “SSH Options” box, add this: -J user@jumphost:port
    where “user” is the user on the jumphost. The “:port” portion is not necessary if the SSH on the jumphost is listening on the standard SSH port 22.

When connecting, you will be prompted for authorization on the jumphost first.