The FastX server comes with a command line client that allows users to execute api calls to the web server.

Basic Usage

The Command Line client will automatically log the user in locally and generate a FastX  Authorization Token.  This simplifies the setup

Command Line Parameter Format

/usr/lib/fastx/3/tools/fastx-cli [api_method] --arg1=arg1 --arg2=arg2 ...

JSON Format

/usr/lib/fastx/3/tools/fastx-cli [api_method] --json='{ JSON_OBJECT }'

Advanced Usage

Generating a token

/usr/lib/fastx/3/tools/fastx-cli token create

This will generate a token to be used at a later time.  The basic version automatically does this for you when executing the api call

Shutting down the link daemon

/usr/lib/fastx/3/tools/fastx-cli shutdown

FastX runs a daemon called link in order to start new sessions.  Shutting this down will force a user to re-authenticate when launching a new session. Other API calls such as listing sessions and performing actions on  running sessions are not affected by this command.