FastX Integration

FastX is highly configurable out of the box.  Administrators who wish to fine tune their installations to add extra functionality should read this document.  Integration is a general term for features related to customizing FastX in such a manner that it can be combined with other functionality in your infrastructure.  This can be simple features like changing the look and feel with themes, to complex customizations using the API to build custom clients that extend the use of your current website.

  • Themes — customize the look and feel of the website
  • Custom Website Error Pages — customize the 404, 403, and 500 error pages
  • Single Sign On — OpenID Connect, and SAML authentication
  • Job Scheduling — create custom session launchers
  • Custom Start Forms
  • Profile Scripts
  • Custom Session ClientComm Channel Integration
  • API
  • Command Line Interface (cli)
  • Integrating into other websites