FastX Touch Interface

The FastX browser client comes complete with a touch interface so you can reconnect to any session from any device

After connecting to a session, click on the input button in the menu


Mouse Input

Mouse Input has 2 modes, normal and advanced.  The mouse functions in normal mode unless the advanced mouse menu is open

Normal Mode

Tap — Left Mouse Click
Drag — Left Mouse Press and hold (released when you take your finger off)

Advanced Mode

Click on the Mouse menu button to access the advanced mouse menu

Press a mouse button to enable it.  It will highlight (in the example L and R are enabled)

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 3.38.06 PM


The mouse now functions as follows

Tap — Send a mouse click for all enabled buttons. (in this example, a tap will result in a Left Mouse click, and a right mouse Click)
Drag — Press and Hold the enabled buttons

Zero (no buttons highlighted) to Three buttons (all buttons highlighted) can be enabled.

Note Normal Mode is equivalent to having the L button highlighted in Advanced Mode