X-Win32 Release Notes

2014 Build  54 — January 21, 2017 GSSAPI Forwarding enabled RECORD extension added Fixed issues with the UpdateTool Elliptical Curve support added to SSH Licensing Wizard Updated 2014 Build 46 — July 1, 2016 Fixed a keyboard initialization crash when connecting … Continued

Installing Licenses for multiple users

In order to make X-Win32 compatible out of the box with Windows Vista, the license.config file is no longer stored in C:\Program Files\StarNet\X-Win32\ after version 8.2 Microsoft Vista does not allow direct access to the Program Files folder and creates … Continued

XDMCP Session Failed for Display

When starting an Xdmcp session in X-Win32, if you get a message in X-Win32’s Messages window that says Cannot open display, then you may be having a problem with your reverse DNS lookups. Note: Xdmcp sessions may be used to … Continued

Where are My Connections Located on the System

It is simple to copy and transfer sessions from one computer to another by storing each session in its own .xw32 file. Where are My Connections located My Sessions In X-Config, sessions/subfolders which are found under the “My Sessions” folder … Continued

How to Mass Deploy Shared Connections

As a system administrator you may want to create one shared folder to centrally manage all X-Win32 connections. This way all users will have access to the same connections simplifying changes. Create a Folder on a shared network drive Open … Continued

Disabling Auto Update Tool Notifications

X-Win32 has an autoupdate feature which allows you to automatically be informed when the latest updates are available. Updates are generally infrequent and fix bugs while at the same time adding new features. However if you must disable the autoupdate … Continued

Adding a Font Folder

X-Win32 ships with over 8000 fonts and aliases. Most fonts that a user needs are installed by default. However, occasionally proprietary application specific fonts are required to have an application display correctly. These fonts are typically installed with the application, … Continued

Adding a Font Server

Most Standard fonts are included in X-Win32 by default. However, some custom applications use specific fonts that are not included in the installation. The simplest way to fix the missing fonts problem is to add a font server to the … Continued

Add more time for 3 button mouse emulation

With only a 2 button mouse (for example when using a laptop), you may run out of time when trying to click the second mouse button to enable the 3 button mouse emulation. To give more time to To enable … Continued

Alt Tabbing in LIVE

Due to the nature of Windows, X-Win32 cannot sent an Alt+Tab command to a LIVE Session. Windows will pick up the Alt+Tab and switch to a different screen before the remote system sees the alt tab command. However, Linux Desktop … Continued

Bad Packet Length

Users connecting to Solaris may experience a “Bad Packet Length” error when upgrading to version 2014. This is an issue when connecting using the newer ssh encryption modules to an older solaris ssh server To resolve this, use an older … Continued

CAC Smart Card Authentication

X-Win32 and FastX integrate with putty and pageant which allow CAC smarty card authentication. Get PuTTY-CAC from https://www.risacher.org/putty-cac/. Follow the instructions on that page, and make sure that pagent.exe is running. Then launch your X-Win32 or FastX Session as needed

Cannot Launch Any X Client

On certain systems, no X clients can be launched at all. This is due to a third party application locking up which in turn locks up X-Win32. To test if you are seeing this issue, try to run the fluxbox … Continued

Change DPI Settings

Most applications use number of pixels to specify the size and shape of application User Interfaces. However, certain applications use the Dots per Inch (DPI) in order to specify certain sizes. In order to change the DPI settings in X-Win32 … Continued

Conforming USB Drive

In order to run X-Win32 flash you need a USB drive with a valid serial number. Although recommended, Serial numbers are optional with USB devices. To check if you have a conforming USB drive download and run USBDeview. Find your … Continued

Connect to a VMS Machine

VAX VMS Systems are not Unix systems and use a different method to log in. A terminal emulator will be required to set the DISPLAY before bringing the X applications to the Windows machine. Start X-Win32 and let it sit … Continued

Copy and Paste

X-Win32 now has integrated dynamic copying and pasting. X-Win32 now can copy and paste in the exact same way that the copy/paste functionality works on the native operating systems respectively. Unix and Windows have different input commands for copying and … Continued