X-Win32 Node-Locked Registration

Instructions on registering the X-Win32 Node-Locked license (Do not use a Concurrent(Floating) license to register X-Win32; For description of licenses, please click here) Additional Information Prompt the Registration Window Manual Registration Registering X-Win32 with the RLM License Server X-Win32 Registration … Continued

X-Win32: Passive Mode

Passive mode is when X-Win32 is running without a connection being established. X-Win32 will be passive until X communication is being received by the Windows machine. Once received, X-Win32 will translate and display. Usage for Passive Mode: Using a third … Continued

X-Win32: X-Config – Window

Window Mode – Multiple Each individual application will run in its own separate window. There is no main root window. The application looks contains its own windows title bar and can be moved and resized accordingly. Note: XDMCP sessions always … Continued

Creating your first X-Win32 session

When you first start X-Win32 you will see the X-Config screen   Highlight My Connections Click on the Wizard Button and follow the steps to create a connection The newly created connection will appear in the Connection List. Highlight the … Continued

X-Win32 Documentation

Release Notes System Requirements Creating your first session X-Config Where are the connections located Enable Legacy Settings for older Applications CAC Smart Card Authentication Passive Mode Administrators MSI Installations Installing a License for All Users Deploying Shared Connections Deploying a … Continued

CAC Smart Card Authentication

X-Win32 and FastX integrate with putty and pageant which allow CAC smarty card authentication. Get PuTTY-CAC from https://www.risacher.org/putty-cac/. Follow the instructions on that page, and make sure that pagent.exe is running. Then launch your X-Win32 or FastX Session as needed

X-Win32 Release Notes

21.0 Build 11 – June 8, 2021 Updated x.org libraries PuTTY updated to 0.74 19.1 BuildĀ  30– February 13, 2020 Updated PuTTY Fixed non-US characters not being recognized Fixed installer running when executing from start menu Fixed multiple monitors setup … Continued

System Tray Icon

The system tray icon is located next to the clock on the windows Taskbar. It is in the notification area. Depending on your configuration, it may be hidden in the up arrow menu in the notification area. Right clicking on … Continued

Legacy Mode

X Server technology has been around for over twenty-five years. X-Win32 tries to stay current with existing X Server standards, but this can sometimes affect the functioning of older applications. If your application is not running correctly try the following … Continued

Programmatically get DISPLAY number

The following code fragment in C++ will search for the first 20 display numbers. A mutex is created for each display named XWin32-display-### #include #include int main(int argc, char **argv) { int i; for (i = 0; i < 20; … Continued

X-Win32 System Requirements and Installation

Operating Systems Windows XP SP2 or later *Direct2d rendering is available in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 only. *Windows Vista must be upgraded to Vista Service Pack 2 with the Platform Update installed. *Floating Licenses are required for terminal … Continued

Detecting Missing Fonts

Occasionally applications may not look the same when connecting remotely via X-Win32 than they do when connecting locally. This may be do to missing fonts In order to check which fonts are being used and which ones are missing, Perform … Continued

Adding a Font Folder

X-Win32 ships with over 8000 fonts and aliases. Most fonts that a user needs are installed by default. However, occasionally proprietary application specific fonts are required to have an application display correctly. These fonts are typically installed with the application, … Continued

Failover License Server

Install rlm and your ISV server on the failover license server node See RLM License Server Installation for more information Copy all license files from the Primary Server and install them on the Failover Server Edit the license file with … Continued

Nodelocked License Activation

Nodelocked licenses are tied to the physical hardware of the machine they are installed on. Each machine activates one license. Once activated, Nodelocked licenses can run independently and they do not need a connection to a license server. Licenses can … Continued

Disable Clipboard Functionality

X-Win32 comes with a dynamically integrated clipboard which allows users to copy and paste text from Windows to Unix (and vise versa) In certain circumstances it may be beneficial to disable the clipboard in order to interoperate with other applications. … Continued

Legacy Keymaps

X-Win32 strives to keep up with the latest changes in X Server technology. However new changes in the X Server sometimes break compatibility with older systems. The structure of keyboard maps has changed significantly between X11 versions. For users who … Continued