An Error Occurred When Running LIVE: Start Tag Expected (formerly SSH Has Crashed )

When Connecting to a LIVE Server, you may get a pop up dialog stating:
“Start Tag Expected” or
“ssh has crashed”
(see images)

Start Tag Expected
SSH Has Crashed

This usually is the result of echo statements being located in the user’s log in scripts.


X-Win32 2012 build 2012 67 and later must use LIVE Server build 32 or later. In order to fix internationalization bug there was a hard compatibility break in the earlier versions.


There are 3 ways to resolve this issue, in the following order

1. Remove all echo statements from your script

If the echo statements are not needed, this is the best way to resolve the issue

2. Place echo statements in your .login script

The Shell startup scripts should be reserved for setting environment variables. Placing echo statements in the .login script should not affect your LIVE server launching.

3. Wrap your echos in an if statement

If you must have an echo statement in your resource file (.bashrc, .kshrc etc) wrap your output in the following if statement

if tty -s <&1; then
  echo Place echos here# do output