Copy and Paste

Unix and Windows have different input commands for copying and pasting text.

To Copy from Windows to Unix

  1. Highlight Text on Windows file
  2. Press Control+C
  3. Click on Unix application
  4. Middle mouse click to paste (you can also press Shift+Insert to paste on Unix)


Note: highlighting text (even blank lines) on unix/linux systems automatically overwrites the current clipboard selection. Ensure that you haven’t copied a blank line of text when activating the X-Win32 window. Otherwise your Windows selection will be lost

To Copy from Unix to Windows

  1. Highlight Text on Unix file (Unix automatically copies highlighted text)
  2. Click on Windows application
  3. Press Control+V to Paste on Windows

Mac Users

Macs have magic trackpads that do not emulate the 3 button mouse by default.  Fortunately there are multiple third party options out there that will emulate the middle mouse click