FastX 4.0 Server Release Notes

Release Channel: Coming Soon

Preview Channel: FastX 4.0.43

* denotes Release Channel Release

May 14, 2024

  • Case 93407: Allow FastX 3 to run after a FastX 4 install

May 9, 2024

  • Case 93376: Allow the customer to remove welcome messages, etc.
  • Case 92215: Performance settings menu is now backwards compatible with FastX 3 desktop client
  • Case 92215: Performance settings added to web client
  • SELinux: Make the fastx_t label not “permissive”. This is more secure and the correct thing to do, but could potentially cause issues that we should monitor.
  • Case 92405: Added SAML metadata
  • Case 93394: Old “profile” label removed in session popup window
  • Case 93393: Allow a cloned session to run as soon as it is saved
  • Case 93358: Fix welcome page
  • Case 93407: Fixes to the SELinux module

April 30, 2024

  • Case 93358: An option to add the admin login button has been added.
  • Case 93384: When a license server is added from the Admin page, the file is named after the hostname of the license server.
  • Case 93383: saving HTTP headers fixed
  • Case 93379: Don’t ship a copy of VirtualGL. Instead add it as a “suggested package”. If VirtualGL is on the system, use it.
  • Case 93387: Since performance settings are not yet implemented, the menu to set them has been removed from the Admin page.

April 22, 2024

  • When connecting to localhost, allow a non-encrypted connection
  • Fix tools/fastx-cli
  • Case 93313: The UI will show if the fastx4-advanced package is active
  • Case 93331: Fix reset-admin script
  • Case 93356: Fix checking if FX_CONFIG_DIR is read-only
  • Case 93358: Re-added welcome page
  • Case 93349: New install/license-server script
  • Added VirtualGL logging for better debugging

April 2, 2024

  • Case 93280: Allow the login name to be modified. (E.g. transform “user@AD-domain” to “user”.)
  • Case 92937: “Click to activate license” successfully goes to “admin license” page. Other admin pages can now be bookmarked in the browser.
  • Miscellaneous SELinux fixes
  • Case 93293: Fix tools/fastx-cli
  • Case 93284, case 93285, case 93295: Fixes and improvements to “user applications”. (A user application is a FastX Application created by a non-admin as a “personal application”. They can be created and edited from the main Sessions page.)
  • Case 93290: Fix for Applications with non-ascii characters (e.g. Japanese or Greek, like π).
  • Case 93294: When an admin creates a new Application (in /etc/fastx/apps) it is now world-readable. This allows it to be used even in failsafe mode (when the FastX web server is not running).
  • Case 93164: The Advanced repository has been created with the fastx4-advanced and fastx4-nats packages.
  • Case 93084: Fixes to fastx4-nats package.
  • Case 93125: BMP (uncompressed) codec added in preparation for possible future external compressor, for possible video compression.

February 8, 2024

  • A “fastx2” license key will no longer work. Only “fastx” keys are supported.
  • Case 93163: Automatically update apps when a file in the apps directory is changed, added, or deleted.
  • Case 92775: Allow the /etc/fastx and /var/fastx directories to be shared among several FastX servers.
  • If a license file has a bad hostname, give a better error. Previously it said: “Error -43”. (This fix has also been applied to the FastX 3 branch, if we build another 3.3 version.)
  • Case 93190: Don’t generate build_id links (used for debugging), because this caused conflicts with certain other packages installed on RedHat 8.

January 31, 2024

  • Case 93174: Fixed the ability to upload an icon (e.g. for a new app)
  • Case 93172: Fixed the ability for an admin to add HTTPS headers
  • Case 93173: Cloning an app will copy the command
  • Case 93169: When restarting the fastx4 service, give it time to shut down
  • Case 93183: If a load balancer script returns an unknown code, translate that to an HTTP 500 error
  • Case 93186: Installing on Ubuntu/Debian without SELinux no longer shows an error

January 26, 2024

  • Debian build fixed
  • Case 93170: The “install” directory has been cleaned. There are now only 3 scripts:
    • activate – Generate license file from activation key
    • apps – (Re)generate FastX apps from apps on system (e.g. Gnome, xterm)
    • non-root – Setup a non-root installation of the package
  • Case 93169: Space is saved by moving common node packages to a single directory. (This reduced the package size by 4M.)

January 24, 2024

  • Early Access Release
    • RHEL 8 or higher is required

4.0 beta build 2011
January 23, 2024

  • Case 93156: D-Bus is launched before GNOME desktop and GNOME Terminal.
  • Several Debian/Ubuntu installation fixes
  • Case 93160: License activation on clean install

4.0 beta build 2009
January 18, 2024

  • Case 93145: Allows the user to save the connection type (web client)
  • Case 93148: This should show the application icons in a browser client web connection.
  • SELinux permissions added (mostly for fastx4-rlm)

4.0 beta build 2007
January 16, 2024

  • Case 93135: Desktop client can now make web connections to server.
  • Case 92939: A session can be launched via fastx4-sshd (when the user’s link script is not running).
  • Case 93142: Fix “uptime” value in session list
  • Case 93034: Fix background color
  • Case 93140: An newly created application can now be deleted.
  • Case 93139: Make an appropriate default icon for newly created application.

Changes in FastX 4