FastX Admin Quick Guide

How to Install / Upgrade FastX?

Install with FastX repository (recommended)

Once the repository is installed, you can run these upgrade commands, which will install a new version if available:

  • sudo yum install -y fastx-server
    (or sudo apt-get install fastx-server on Debian distributions)
  • sudo /usr/lib/fastx/3/ -q

Install FastX with RPM or DEB

  • Use the following command to install:
    • RPM: sudo rpm install -y fastx-server
    • DEB: sudo apt-get install -y fastx-server
  • Then run the post install command: sudo /usr/lib/fastx/3/

How to get to the System Configuration?

  • Launch a browser on your FastX host and go to the following URL: http://localhost:3300/

* Administrators can also connect to FastX remotely with a browser, if remote browser access is available (i.e. port 3300/tcp is open through the firewall).

  • Log in as an administrator
  • After login, click on the Admin gear icon on the top left
  • System Configuration Page will load
  • For more information on System Configuration, please go to:

How to create global applications for users?

  • Click on the New Application button (see image above)
  • Enter in Command, Name (Name of Application), and Window Mode.

*Window Mode: Use Single for Desktops and Multiple for Applications.

  • Hit Submit (Admins can add an icon and additional parameters if needed)

How to view all the active sessions on the server or cluster?

  • Click on the Manage icon on the top right and select Sessions on the server or cluster
  • An administrator can also view the session, get information on the session, and terminate the session.
    • To view the session, click on the name of the desired session. Then click on the three dot drop down

How to limit users’ FastX actions?

Admins can limit users’ FastX actions, such as downloading/uploading, launching a session from the custom command, etc.

  • Go to the System Configuration and go to Users > Permissions.
  • Scroll down and go to Users (Limited Access)

How to terminate a disconnected session after a period of time?

Admins can use Profiles to set parameters for bookmarks.  Admins can add additional parameters to bookmarks with Profiles.

  • Go to the System Configuration and go to Sessions > Profiles
  • Click on the + icon to create a new Profile or edit an existing Profile
  • Under the Settings category input the time minutes to terminate the disconnected session. (Note: FastX will not automatically terminate a session if the user is connected to it.)
  • Next, edit the applications that you want to add the disconnect option to.
  • Select the Profile drop down and select the desired Profile and hit Submit.
  • If you edit the “Default” profile, the settings will apply to all sessions/bookmarks that don’t specify a different profile.

How to send messages to users?

Message of the Day (MOTD) – MOTD will popup right after a user logs into FastX either using the desktop client or browser.

  • Browser example
  • Desktop Client example
  • Create a message of the day by going to the System Configuration.
  • Go to Communicate 
  • Enter the Message of the Day in the box below Message of the Day (HTML).  The MOTD is written in HTML. Then hit Save.

How to set up a Theme?

FastX Theme customizes the look of the FastX web browser client. Admins can add logos and change the color scheme.

  • Go to the System Configuration, and go to Customization > Themes
  • Click on the + button to create a new Theme
  • New Theme pop up will be prompted. Enter Name of the theme.
  • Then edit the theme in the following sections
    • Theme – Name, Description, and Logo can be entered.
    • Background – Background image of an active session.
    • Login – Background image on the login page
  • Hit the Submit button to Save. The new theme will be listed in Themes.
  • Single click on the new theme and then click on the Use Theme button to use.

How to set up a Cluster?

Please see the following link.

Clustering Quick Guide:

Clustering Guide:

Cluster Manager: