FastX Session Applications

This section is accessible by logging into FastX as an administrator through a web browser. Select the Admin icon after login.

Administrations can create and edit global applications in which users can launch.

Click the button to create a new Application. An Application creation window will appear.  


Please fill the form to create the Application.

  • Command (Required) – The command to launch the application.
  • Name – The name of the Application.
  • Icon – Click on the icon to bring up default icons or upload a custom icon that will be displayed.
  • Restrict application to users in the following groups – Check the box to restrict the application to be launched by users in a group(s).
  • Groups – Enter the linux user group name and hit enter to add group.
  • Profile – Select the desired profile that will be used by the application. For more information on Profiles, please click here.
  • Run As User – Leave blank to have the logged in user to launch the application. If the administrator wants a particular user to run the application. To use this feature, enter in the desired user and hit enter.  
  • Window Mode – Window mode for the application
    • Single – Launches the application in a single window.  Resolution can be adjusted (Default is 1024 x 768)
    • Multiple – Launches the applications in a rootless window. In this mode, applications can prompt multiple windows.  (DO NOT USE WHEN LAUNCHING A DESKTOP)
    • Fullscreen – Launches the application in full screen mode. (Only for launching Desktops)
  • Override Default Forms List – Check the box to use the Custom Forms instead of the default Forms.
  • Custom Forms – Move available forms from Available to Selected by selecting the available form and then clicking the move icon . Then hit submit
  • Tags – Adds a tag to the application. Enter in the name of the tag and hit Enter.  Tags can be sorted by users from their dashboard.
  • Strict Mode: Do not allow user to change the application parameters – Check the box to deny users the ability to change the application before launching

*Hit the Submit button to create.

Custom Parameters

JSON object of custom parameters to add to the application.  These can be overridden by the user.

Static Data

JSON object of custom parameters to add to the application.  These can be overridden by the user.