Creating Your First LIVE Session

LIVE Sessions are special sessions that allow for persistency. You can suspend and resume running sessions without loss of data. LIVE’s special way of caching also makes it the fastest connection method available!

Install the LIVE Server on your Remote host

  1. Download the LIVE Server and follow the OS specific instructions found on the LIVE Server Download Page

Create a Connection to a LIVE Server

  1. Launch X-Config
  2. Click on the Connections tab
  3. Click on the Manual button
  4. Select the LIVE Connection type
  5. Add Connection Name, Host, User Name, Password, Confirm Password
  6. Press Save

Create a LIVE Session

  1. Highlight your LIVE connection and Press Launch
  2. A LIVE Session Browser will appear
  3. Press the Add Button
  4. Select your session name, desktop type and window mode and save your session
  5. Double click on the session to launch your LIVE session