Failed to bind the socket: The address is protected

If you have installed X-Win 32, entered the license code, but the software still runs in demo mode, there may be a conflict with software installed by LabView.

Technical Details:

A service installed by LabView, lkcitdl.exe, opens UDP port 6000. This is the same port used by X-Win 32 to run its license check. Because the port is already in use, the license check fails with the following error: “Failed to bind the socket: The address is protected.”


If you have LabView installed, try the following:

  • Right click the task bar and select “Task Manager”.
  • Click “Show Processes from all users”. If you are using Vista, task manager will quit and re-launch.
  • Sort by the “Image Name” column.
  • Find “lkcitdl.exe”, highlight it, and click “End Process”.

This will only temporarily fix the problem until the computer is restarted or, possibly, the LabView software is run and restarts the “lkcitdl.exe” service on its own.

To permanently disable this service, you can un-install LabView if it is no longer needed, or do the following:

  • In Windows XP, go to Start -> Run (or in Vista, Start -> and click in the Search field) and type “msconfig”, then press enter.
  • Click the Services tab.
  • Look for “Lookout Citadel Server” and uncheck the box next to it.
  • Click ok.
  • Restart the computer.

IMPORTANT: This may affect the functionality of the LabView software. If LabView is not working as expected, reverse the above steps and restart the computer to re-enable the service. Also, running LabView may restart the service on its own. This would cause the X-Win problem to return until the computer is restarted or the “lkcitdl.exe” service is manually stopped.