Keyboard Shortcuts for LIVE Sessions

The following Keyboard Shortcuts are available when running LIVE Sessions

Keystroke Description
Ctrl+Alt+T Bring up the Suspend Session Dialog
Ctrl + Alt + F Toggle Fullscreen mode
Ctrl + Alt + M Minimize a LIVE Session (Windowed or Fullscreen)
Ctrl + Alt + R Toggle Viewport. Turns off dynamic resizing. The desktop will not automatically resize when you change the screen geometry. Only the viewable area will change
Ctrl + Alt + keypad arrow keys Move the viewport. When dynamic resizing has been disabled (by pressing Ctrl+Alt+R), this keystroke will allow you to change the viewable area
Ctrl+Alt+E Toggle Lazy Encoding. Defer bandwidth heavy screen updates in favor of responsiveness
Ctrl + Alt + J Force Draw Synchronization. Do this to fix a graphical glitch
Alt+F4 Bring up the Suspend Dialog