LIVE Server Log Files

When launching a LIVE session sometimes your session may not launch as expected. In these instances you may want to check the log files to see what has occurred.

On the Windows side the messages that appear show the ssh connection status. If you can connect via ssh, then this issue will be located on the server side.

The LIVE server also contains a set of logs in $HOME/.nx-{servername}/ These logs generally contain more pertinent information regarding LIVE session issues.

The following files in the directory contain information regarding your sessions:


This log file contains the general information about what is occurring. It will show the state of the session (starting, running, suspended, terminated etc).

C-{long hex string} directory

The C-* directory contains the files for the per session options.
There are a logs located in the C-* directory which will help debug your issues:


This file contains all the errors that occur after the LIVE Server has launched the Desktop remote command (for example (GNOME or KDE). If it seems that the LIVE server is launching correctly, but nothing appears, check this log. TYpical errors include Command not found at which point you need to specify the full path to your command in the LIVE session in X-Config.


These are the errors that are logged when starting rxserver-bin. Generally they are just warning messages.