Remote Printing with LIVE

Starting in version 2010 with LIVEServer 5.0.95, users can now print files on their unix/linux system to their local printer using LIVE. On the unix/linux side, run the command rxlpr (Remote X Line Printer)

rxlpr [-q|-v] [-name name|-ext extension] [-open] filename


  • -q: quiet mode
  • -v: verbose mode
  • -name name: Give the file a name. This will send the file over to the Local machine’s %TEMP% directory with the name given and print it.
  • -ext extension: Override the default extension when printing.
  • -open: Opens the file for local viewing before printing
  • filename: The name of the remote file you want printed

Indirect Printing

Printing support is also available when using an indirect session. A remote printing script is available here for your convenience

Instructions for Remote Printing

  1. Install the latest LIVE Server 5.102 or later on your gateway machine
  2. Create a Custom LIVE Session
  3. In the Custom text field give the command rxindirect <indirect host>
  4. Download the attached rxindirect package onto your indirect machine
  5. Install the package using the typical root install for the system (eg rpm, pkgadd)
  6. Launch the custom session
  7. The rxlpr command is now available on the indirect machine and will be piped through to your local printer