Sound Support

X-Win32 now ships with the Enlightenment Sound Daemon (esd.exe) which is launched at startup. You can now pipe remote sounds in your XDMCP and LIVE sessions. You can configure remote applications to send the sounds to X-Win32 by running the command esddsp in a terminal:

For example: esddsp application_name

Not all applications support esd and some special configuration may need to take place on a per application basis

Sound Support Demo

Note Sound Support currently is only available for the GNOME desktop using XDMCP or LIVE

mpg123 is a command line mp3 player which is available for free. Red Hat machines ship without mp3 players because of licensing restrictions

  1. Download
  2. Extract the file: tar xzf mpg123*.tar.gz
  3. cd into the file
  4. Type: ./configure
  5. su to root: su
  6. Type: make
  7. Type: make install
  8. Type make clean

Type: esddsp mpg123 filename.mp3 to listen to your file.