LIVE Error: Address in Use

LIVE sessions may fail to run if there is already a service running on the port that it is trying to connect to. See LIVE Server Ports for a list of ports

First check your rxserver.log

If you find the following error you probably have another service currently using this port.

Error: Call to bind failed for TCP port 5001. Error is 98 ‘Address already in use’.

To fix this issue you need to change the base port number your LIVE server will use when creating new instances.

  1. Create or Edit your $HOME/.config/StarNet/LIVE6.conf file
  2. Add the line DisplayBase=1100

This will change the base number from 5000 to 5100.

* LIVEServer 5 and below use LIVE.conf

Note: you can make the base number any number you want as long as it does not conflict with another service.