RLM License Server Set-Up

Floating licenses use the RLM License Server to manage and distribute licenses.

  1. RLM License Server Installation
  2. Register License Server
  3. Register Client

Additional Information

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Preinstallation Setup

Note to FastX Users

Note FastX ships its own license server in the installation. You only need to continue installing a license server if you want to centrally manage all licenses of FastX on one system

Before You Begin

  • Before installing, identify a server computer that will be able to host the Reprise License Manager (RLM) server.
  • This computer needs to be on your internal company network where it can be reached by all the computers in your organization that may need to check out licenses.
  • The computer should not be turned off have High Availability (uptime).
  • The load imposed on the server from RLM is extremely light meaning a dedicated server is not required.
  • Once this server has been chosen it can be used by other products that use RLM as well.

License Server Install Instructions

Click on either the Windows or Linux icon for instructions


Opening ports in your Firewall

Your firewall needs to be configured to let license server traffic from your X-Win32 users through. RLM uses 2 ports to communicate, one for the license server, and one specifically for StarNet. Additionally the web interface runs on an additional port.

Open up the following ports:
TCP: 5053 — RLM server port
TCP: 57889 — StarNet ISV port
TCP: 5054 — Web server port

Ports are specified in the license file. You can change the default listening ports by modifying the port numbers in the license file

HOST hostname 023402380fc 5053

ISV starnet port=57889


Files and Reference