Where are my Host ID(s)?

In order to activate a license, you need a valid Host ID. Clients on closed networks may need to manually generate their license using the host id and order information.

  1. Find the Host ID on your system
    FastX 1
    RLM License Server
  2. Register the license by going to license.starnet.com/activate and entering in your hostid and activation key

X-Win32 18

  1. Start X-Win32
  2. Launch a Session (X-Win32 18 option window will appear)
  3. Click “Show the About dialog”.

X-Win32 18 Session Option

X-Win32 2011 through 2014

  1. Start X-Win32
  2. Right Click on the system tray icon
  3. Select Help > About

Host Ids are on the lower right hand corner
X-Win32 Host Id

FastX 1

  1. Start FastX
  2. Select Help > About FastX

Host Ids are on the right hand side
FastX Host Id

RLM License Server

  1. Install the RLM license server
  • From the Command Line:
    1. cd to the RLM directory
    2. From a shell, run the command: rlmutil rlmhostid
  • From the Web Interface:
    1. Connect to the Web Interface at http://localhost:5054
    2. Click on system info
      Host Ids are at the bottom
      The host id to use is the Ethernet hostid
      rlm host id